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"Thanks for being so passionate about building such a wonderful turntable; I can truly appreciate now, not only the aesthetics of this turntable, but also its tremendous ability to make music". - JS (USA), owner of a Loricraft 501/Schroeder Reference turntable.

The Garrard 501 is the culmination of 80 years experience in the design and manufacture of transcription turntables to maximise the enjoyment of the music recorded on vinyl records. It was named Best Classic Turntable at the CES show in Las Vegas, 2002.

Loricraft Audio is located close to the original Garrard factory which was located in Swindon, and following negotiations with Gradiente of Brazil, Loricraft now have sole rights to the Garrard name and trademark. A number of former Garrard employees were consulted during the design stage of the 501, in particular Brian Mortimer, the former head of Quality Control at the Swindon factory. Brian's father, the late Edmund (Monty) Mortimer was the head of research at Garrard, and so there is an unbroken link with the Garrard's tradition of engineering and innovation.

The 501 uses advances in technology which have come about in the years since the classic 401 ceased production, including an advanced bearing developed from and interchangeable with the original 301/401. It also used the years of experience Loricraft has gained rebuilding and restoring these classic turntables.

The 501 incorporates our very own Aroflux© motor, developed by Nigel Pearson, which features a unique flying thrust bearing, making it one of the quietest units ever used in this application. It was recently reviewed by Audiophile Magazine of Germany, who said "It is a completely new patent pending design. An electromechanical marvel with a precisely balanced rotor floating on air, its three speeds all variable from 30 to 100 rpm via the world famous PSU power supply." Concluding, Audiophile Magazine granted the 501 their highly coveted "Weltklasse" status.

Here is the original magazine article in German used with permission of and an unofficial English translation.

The design also uses the world-renowned Loricraft Audio Garrard plinth and the new improved PSU2 power supply unit developed from our Garrard "Factory Rebuild" program.

Among the many favourable press reviews are these:-

  • "It looks amazing and sounds fantastic".... Ken Kessler, HiFi News and Record.
  • "World Class Status".... Audiophile, Germany.
The US magazine Positive Feedback have just reviewed it very favourably and when we get a written copy we will include it.

Like all of our equipment these are bespoke, hand built, precision turntables which we build in small production runs, to order. Demand is high and production is limited. If you are interested contact us to see when the next batch is planned.

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